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Facts And History About The Tagalog Language

There are over a hundred languages spoken in the Philippines but Tagalog is the main language in the country. The language is also the first language that originated in the region. It has a rich history and many interesting facts related to it.

Amazing Facts About The Tagalog Language

If you want to know more about the facts and history of the Tagalog language, you’re in the right place. Here are eight amazing facts about the Tagalog language:

1. It Dates Back To 900 CE

Tagalog is one of the oldest languages that dates back to 900 CE in written form. The Laguna Copperplate Inscription is the oldest document of the region that was written in Tagalog.

2. 24 Million People Speak Tagalog In Other Countries

This language is also famous outside the Philippines. Twenty-four million people across the world speak Tagalog. Some major countries where people use this language are Canada, Saudi Arabia, Guam, and the US.

3. Tagalog Was The Official Language In 1879

Tagalog became the official language of the Philippines in 1879 for a short time. The language was replaced by Spanish in 1935. Currently, Filipino is the official language of the region. This is a standardized form of Tagalog.

4. The First Tagalog Dictionary Came Out In the 18th Century

Most people in the Philippines used to speak Tagalog, mainly in the earlier centuries. This is why the first Tagalog dictionary was released in the 18th century. It was written by Pablo Cain. Many people still speak Tagalog in the Philippines.

5. Some People Combine Tagalog With English

An interesting fact about Tagalog is that many Filipinos combine it with English. The informal combination has been given the term Tagalish by many people. Remember, English is the second official language of the Philippines.

6. Tagalog Is A Category II Language

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has categorized this language into type II. This means it will take at least 1,100 hours of Tagalog lessons to learn this language. So you can start speaking and writing this language properly after 44 weeks of studying.

7. The Dialects Of Tagalog Are Unknown

Tagalog may have originated hundreds of years ago, but the total number of its dialects is still unknown. Four common dialects of Tagalog have been discovered. Bulacan dialect is spoken in the North, while Batangas is spoken in the South. The other two options are the Manila and Marinduque dialects.

8. Tagalog Is A Member Of the Austronesian Family

Tagalog has been derived from the languages of the Central Philippines. It is a part of the Austronesian family. This is because more than 100 terms of the language have adapted from the Proto-Malayo-Polynesian language.

The Tagalog language may not be the national language of the Philippines, but it is still the first language for the majority of the citizens in this country. You can easily learn the language by taking lessons and studying thoroughly. These eight facts will also help you learn more about the origins of the language and learn it better.

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