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The Top 5 Languages To Learn By 2021

Languages are an important part of the culture and background used to communicate within a community. Learning different languages can be fun and useful for us. It helps us understand the culture, and we will be able to communicate in other people's native language. This is extremely useful as many countries speak their native tongue and if you ever visit a country, learning their language will help you a lot. If you're wondering which language to learn, here are some of the top ones to learn in modern times.

1. Spanish

Spanish is a language that has a huge number of native speakers around the world. If you love South and Central America and want to visit these places, you will come across a lot of people speaking Spanish. The language is the official language of 20 countries. Also the US Hispanic population has surpassed 60 million people and is projected to be past 100 million by 2050 making Spanish a valuable language to learn and study. If you want to live, work or communicate with the people living in these countries easily and in a way, they can understand clearly then you should not think twice and start learning Spanish.

2. Portuguese

If you are fluent in speaking English then learning Portuguese won’t be hard for you as it has simple sentence structures. Brazil and Portugal are incredible holiday destinations that people love to visit. Brazil also has one of the world’s largest economies making Portuguese an essential language to know for trade and international business. They have rich cultures for you to explore but it would only be easier if you learn Portuguese since many people are not fluent in English. Knowing their native language can ease communication and make things convenient during your visits.

3. Arabic

Arabic language is getting popular among many people due to its application use as trade with Middle Eastern countries increase. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with over 300 million native speakers and can be beneficial whether you visit an Arabic country or learn the language for its practical use during the trade. This language can help you in many fields as you can have opportunities to work, travel, start your own business, or can join the companies hiring individuals who can speak Arabic. It’s not a very difficult language to learn and the benefits of speaking Arabic are long-lasting.

4. Mandarin Chinese

It’s no wonder why this language is on our list as it has huge potential in the future. China is the largest trading nation and Mandarin is becoming important for many businessmen for the growth of their businesses. Learning this language can be a bit tough but it will be worth it in the future. On top of the business point of view, it will also help tremendously if you ever visit China for a vacation. It is becoming one of the most important languages that people prefer to learn.

5. Russian

Russian is spoken in many Eastern European countries and Eurasia.  Russian language is an important part of their culture and a really fun language to learn. It is not only the easiest foreign languages but also interesting and helpful. You can learn about different cultures and can communicate with different people with ease.

Learning different languages is a highly commendable skill that you should consider. Various practical applications make this a significant thing to do. If you’re not sure about which language to learn, pick one from this list and you’re good to go.