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Amazing Facts About The Yiddish Language

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Yiddish is spoken by approximately 3 million people, most of whom are the Hasidic Jews. Many people do think that the Yiddish language was exterminated by the Nazi leadership under Adolf Hitler. The fact is that Hitler never succeeded in eliminating Europe’s elite home-grown Jewish language from the face of the earth. However, the Yiddish language survives, and not just in the form of, but as the native language of many souls within the Jewish world and their day to day activities. Other people will also argue that even at one time in history, it was claimed that the Hebrew language was dead. Yiddish is a common language in Israel and in the United States. The following are some of the known facts about Yiddish.

Yiddish has a combination of Hebrew and German influences.

Just like English, Yiddish is a member of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages. Also, it is a tradition of all Jewish languages that have ever existed in history, Yiddish is written in the Hebrew script, but it is a lot closer to German in its spoken form.

Yiddish is spoken in more countries and for long periods of time than we know.

Most of the early written records date back to the 13th Century. Despite the bitter mutiny of the disastrous holocaust, Yiddish language has been with us for over 800 years now. After the Russian language, it is only Yiddish that has ever been spoken over a larger geographical area. This means that Yiddish was spoken over a larger geographical area than Latin in the famous Roman Empire.

Yiddish is fully flagged and a very respectable language in the modern day.

The Yiddish language has an incredibly rich literature compared to most of the other global languages we know of today.

Yiddish has survived for many centuries.

The fact that Yiddish has survived for the past 800 years, means the language has stood the test of time. Many other languages have not managed to exist for this long.

New York City May Day celebration of the international labor day. Two girls in the parade combined carrying an American flag, the slogan ABOLISH CHILD SLAVERY!! In English and Yiddish.1909.


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