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USCIS Notarized Translation Services United States


For USCIS Notarized Translation Services, the notary public adds an affidavit stating that they confirm the identity of the translator. Then the notary public signs the document and stamps an official seal on the affidavit for credibility. It is very important in legal documents and can’t be avoided.

To keep it simple and easy to understand we conducted a survey and asked people what questions they have regarding USCIS Certified Translation Services. If you also have the same doubt, we are sure you won’t have any problem after reading the answer.

What is USCIS certified translation exactly and why is it so important?

USCIS refers to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This American organization is responsible for providing work permits to the people from other countries. USCIS certified translations are important if you want to get a temporary work visa or a Green Card. It has gained such importance because USCIS certified translation is a very good benchmark that other organizations also follow. A USCIS certified translation is good enough for almost every organization including government and private both.

Why does one need USCIS Certified Translation Services?

You would usually need such services for translating legal documents from native language to English. We at Silver Bay Translations have been in this industry for 15 years and have great experience with USCIS translations. You would always need such services for translating multiple documents like marriage certificate, Divorce Agreement, birth certificate, academic documents etc. These services are needed because USCIS need a trusted translators responsibility and credibility for good and accurate translation. After this change in the process the certificate for translation verifies the credibility and genuineness of the document.

Why is a certificate so important for a translated document?

The certificate is so important because the USCIS can rely on the translator with a lot of experience and knowledge of both native and English language for accurate translation. In many cases it might be possible that a USCIS officer is not good with all the languages so the certificate shows the responsibility of the translations services. A certificate consists of all the information like the name of the translator or the company, the contact details of the company or translator, and the statement indicating that the company is responsible for the accuracy and translation service of the document. At the end there is the sign of the company or the translator. Our Silver Bay Translations have helped hundreds of thousands of people with translation services. Our clients are very happy with quick affordable and effective services. Book your translation now!!

What problems might you face if a mistranslated document is submitted?

Although, we have not encountered such cases, but as per our knowledge it is not a good experience. If you by any chance face such things your application might delay a lot or even the application can be completely rejected.

Do one still need USCIS Notarized translation Services in the United States?

It depends on the organization you should ask them for the requirements they would have regarding the translation. But generally speaking it is very rare that USCIS notarized translation services are needed. Still if you ever need any translation service including the Notarized translation services, we at Silver Bay Translations provide you all.

If you still might have any questions our support team is available 24/7 at your service. All your doubts and questions will be cleared by them. If you don’t have any more doubts, book your translation now and get an instant quote on the project.

Additional Tips While Selecting A Good Translation Service

  • Keep the check on the timelines as delays on your end in submitting the documents can be very problematic.

  • Check for reviews and experienced translators who are updated with latest guidelines.

  • See the support services of the company to keep your convenience in mind.

Notarized translation certificate
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