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Interesting Facts About the Bengali Language

The Bengali language is no doubt one of the sweetest languages in the world. It is not only the language but the entire culture is perfect blend of sweetness. Certainly, this sweetness has been gained after a hard work of the young heroes and is now influencing the world of languages. Let’s know some amazing and interesting facts of the Bengali language by understanding its history and origin first.

History and Origin of the Bengali Language:

The Bengali language has been originated from the Indic group. This is mainly from the subfamily of the Indo-Iranian. This language is a part of the Indo-European family. Hence, Bengali has been emerged as the mostly spoken language in Asia, majorly in Bangladesh. There are constant changes in the language, or we can say that the language has been upgraded accordingly. This can be well understood by the vibrant history of the language.

The Bengali language is a part of the Aryan language that has existed since the time of Aryans. The Middle Indo-Aryan and the Prakrit are the direct ancestors. These languages where introduced from the Sanskrit and the Aryan language. In 500 B.C. the Aryan language was spoken and was considered as the literacy language that was followed by the Sanskrit. This language was dominating the world since then and the literacy of that time. Therefore, the Bengali language is considered as a new version, or an upgraded version of the Indo-Iranian language. This language has been still highly spoken in Bengal and even in the entire world.

10 Amazing Facts about the Bengali Language:

There are definitely incredible facts of the Bengali language, but we will discuss about the top 10 fact in this article. Make sure you know about these facts and have fun reading about them.

1. Get Ready to Know Something Surprising!

The most surprising fact about the Bengali language is that the famous International Mother Language Day is based and affiliated with the Bengali language.

2. The Bengali Language Movement:

To retain the language and its essence in this world, the heroes are still sacrificing their lives to maintain their mother tongue and language.

3. 7th Highly Spoken Language:

The Bengali language is considered as the 7th highly spoken language in the world. This is because it is known and spoken all around the world by more than 210 million people.

4. Relative of Several Languages:

The language is not only a part of Indo-Aryan language but it is even related to Spanish, French, German, and Russian as the language is also part of the Indo-European language group.

5. A Mixed Influence of Languages:

There is not only one language from where Bengali has been originated and extracted. A mix of South Asian languages build up the Bengali language.

6. The Dialects:

There are four main dialects of the language that are Radha, Kamrupa, Pundra and Bangla.

7. Diverse Literature:

The language contains the essence of the history and the folk heritage that has a major influence in Asia.

8. The National Anthem:

The national anthem of Bangladesh and India are written in Bengali.

9. Emergence of Writing Styles and Vocabulary:

There are two styles of writing of this language, and carries mixed vocabularies.

10. The First Bengali Text:

The first Bengali text is Charyapada that is the collection of the songs and mystical poems.

The language has been upgrading and changing. We are sure these amazing facts will help you understand more about the Bengali language.

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