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5 Compelling Facts About The Ukrainian Language

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Did you know that the Ukrainian language is among the most widely spoken Slavic languages in the world? It, in fact, ranks as the 26th most spoken language in the world with 37 million people speaking it as their native language. There are more fascinating facts about the Ukrainian language. Stick around to learn more about this fantastic language.

1. It is the 2nd most spoken Slavic language

After the Russian language, Ukrainian is the second most widely spoken Slavic language.

2. Ukrainian is a melodic language

The most melodic language in the world is Italian and Ukrainian language comes in as the second official melodic language. It took third place among the most beautiful based on phonetics, vocabulary, sentence structure, and phraseology.

3. Ukrainian offers many ways to say one word

In the Ukrainian language, one word can be said in many ways. It is estimated to have more than 5 million synonyms. The word with the most synonyms totals to 45.

4. It is difficult for Ukrainians to differentiate between sounds G and H

A lot of Ukrainian people cannot distinguish the difference between G and H. Ukrainian has unique sounds that closely relate to the sounds H and G in English.

5. The mix of Russian and Ukrainian led to the formation Surzhik

Half of the Ukraine population speaks Ukrainian while the other half speaks Russian. The combination of these two languages led to the creation of Ukrainian dialects with Russian spoken language. As a result, Surzhik came into existence.

If you are looking into learning more languages, the Ukrainian language is a perfect choice. It has rich vocabulary and phraseology that you will enjoy. Knowledge of more than one language is a great possession that allows you to have more than one window from which you view the world.

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