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5 Interesting Facts About The Romanian Language

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Approximately 24-26 million people speak the Romanian language as a native language, while 4 million speak it as a second language. The language has a rich history of how it came into existence. Romanian is known to have emanated from Vulgar Latin, spoken in Doutheast Europe, in the Romanian provinces. Romanian shares a lot of similarities to Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

1. The official language in Moldova and Romania.

The language has been in existence for 1700 years. It's mainly spoken in Romania and Moldova, parts of Greece and Serbia. In Moldova, they refer to it as Moldovan language. However, it was made the official language in Moldova in 2013.

2. Romanian is a language of romance

Romanian is perhaps the forgotten Romance language. Unlike other Romance languages, Romanian fails to be a predominant language in the place where it is spoken. Many people perceive that it is part of the Slavic family, which is not valid. It remains a mystery how the Romanian language has survived in a Slavic dominated territory and still managed to prevail in Eastern Europe. The Romanian influence remained strong, hindering the Slavic population from transforming the language.

3. Shares some similarities with other Romance languages.

If you are familiar with other Romance languages, you can learn the Romanian language quickly since they share some words.

4. It is a phonetic language.

Most Romanian words are spelled exactly as they are pronounced.

5. Constitutes 4 dialects

The language has four dialects, which include; Romanian, Megleno-Romanian, Istro-Romanian, and Aromanian.

The Romanian language is interesting to learn. It gets more comfortable and better if you are familiar with other Romance languages. Get a tutor and discover this beautiful language.

You can also learn the language online. Learning another language provides one with one more window from which to look at the world. Silver Bay Translations also offers professional and certified translations in the Romanian language with our professional team of linguists.

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