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Facts And History About the Basque Language

The Basque language is also known as Euskara. 

According to renowned historians, the Basque language is the oldest language that is still spoken in the Basque Country in Spain and other parts of southwestern Europe. Almost 28.4% of the total European population can communicate in the Basque language. And mostly, it is the language spoken by French and Spanish speakers. 

Origin and History of the Basque Language:

The Basque Language is one of the remnants of pre-Indo-European languages populated among people till the roman culture influenced the place. It is known as the isolated language with no relationship with other languages, making its own unique identity. However, it is said to be that the Basque language is originated from Aquitanian language. But still, the origin of this language is a mystery and a controversial topic.

15 Facts About The Basque Language

1. Basque is the oldest language in the European region. 

2. Basque has 5-9 different dialects. Although it is a small language as compared to other European languages, it has been adopted by specific regions. It has five historic dialects including Biscayan, Gipuzkoan, Upper Navarese, Soletin and Lapurdian. 

3. Basque was widely spoken in Spain until the region was romanized, and the Latin language took over the region. 

4. Other than Spain, Basque is also significantly spoken in other countries, including America and France; mostly the southern region of France. 

5. The Basque language is recognized as a co-official language in Spain, but it has no official status in France nowadays.  

6. It is one of the oldest Indo-European languages that is still spoken by people in western regions of Europe. 

7. The most interesting fact about the Basque Language is that it is an isolated language. It is very different from all other languages in the world; it has no link with other languages.

8. The Basque language is now being taught in schools with an updated version known as Batua. 

9. Basque is one of the most ergative languages, and has very intricate grammar.

10. The Basque language had no standardized writing pattern till the 1960s. Before the Basque Alphabets were invented, they used French and Spanish alphabets. In 1964, The Royal Basque Academy introduced the writing form of Basque.

11. The Basque Language has a very unique font and pattern. This traditional font and pattern is still used in the Basque country.

12. It has a complex form of grammar and phonology that makes it moderately difficult to learn, unlike other languages. 

13. After the invasion of the Latin Language, the Basque language became unknown among people. However, now the language is being revived, and people are showing interest in it. 

14. It was predicted by many well-known linguistic scholars that by 2036, the Basque language will be spoken or understood by 60% of the total Basque Country population.

15. There are almost 755,000 Basque Language speakers in the western region of Spain and France. 

Basque Region, San Seabastian Spain

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